Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Time for an Update!

Message to "jjjulie": please post another comment which includes your email adddress so that I can answer your questions. I'm getting the comment messages sent to me, but the comments themselves will no longer post (Google broke it permanently).

Yes! We are still here - and enjoying the house tremendously!

A number of long-time Pope Street Modern blog fans have asked about the blog and suggested we do a "catchup" (not ketchup) post.

Well, a ton has happened since the last post in October. We've been buying furniture as quickly as we find it, though it has been quite a project. We're pretty particular (as you might have guessed) about the pieces we choose. Here are a couple of professionally-shot pictures of the great room in the front:

These pix were shot by Dasja Dolan for a yet-to-be-published piece in the Palo Alto Weekly. The Weekly is doing a "focus" piece on few local home projects as part of an annual "insert"/magazine-type-thing. We had a reporter here a few weeks ago to do the spoken-word part of it. Dasja came out a few days ago to shoot the project.

You can see a full set at Dasja's website right now - here's a link to the gallery:
I'll post a bunch more after I get the official CD of images from Dasja.

In other news, we've been winning a few local green-building and architectural awards. This all started with getting our project "Green Point Rated" last summer. That turned into the "Green Point Showcase" house tour (subject of the last post back in October).

Libby and Ana, our local architectural/cheer-squad, have been quietly entering our project in a few contests. The first award we won was a City of Menlo Park "Environmental Quality" award:

The award was presented at a City Council meeting back in the fall. I think we won against 15 or 20 other submitted projects here in the city, so that was kind of a hoot.

More recently, Ana & Libby entered us in a County-wide contest sponsored by "Sustainable San Mateo County" in conjunction with the AIA (American Institute of Architects) and The RecycleWorks. Well, we won the 2010 Green Building award for the Residential Remodel category! Woot!

They threw us a (giant) party last week at a local convention center hall up in Burlingame. I should have taken a picture of the full extent of the venue - there were probably 500-800 people there. There was a catered dinner, fund-raising auction, and a bunch of local politicians including a few of the council members from Menlo Park that approved our project at a public hearing about 2 years ago.

Here's the project team, proudly wearing their matching "Award Winner" blue badges.

And here's the actual award certificate:

Which came with an unique "plaque" made from a recycled granite floor tile from a local building recycling operation (Whole House Building & Salvage) in East Palo Alto:

And, not being ones to miss out on any opportunity to make an impression on their constituents, we also got a STACK of accompanying award certificates from, it seems, every elected official West of the Mississippi. Here's the collection:

CA State Senator Joe Simitian:

CA State Senator Leland Yee:

CA Assemblyman Ira Ruskin:

And our local Congresswoman Anna Eshoo:

And, yes, still more - our local County Board of Supervisors:

So, fun was had by all, and we got a nifty stack of paper and a free dinner!

Look for another post in the next week or two once I get Dasja's pictures!

That last one is my shot, not Dasjas ;-)