Friday, July 18, 2008

Hello World!

Hello World! Welcome to the "Pope Street Modern" blog. This will be a visual diary of the process of transforming our 1939 California cottage into a "Warm Modern" house.

The awesome architect is Ana Williamson, with a ton of help from her partners-in-design, Libby Raab and Eric Asato.

Street View:

And the view from the back:

Stay tuned - you can even add this as an RSS (Atom) feed to your Google homepage if you like!

Here is the model-building stage of the design process - circa May 2007. You'll notice that the front looks pretty similar to the final design (above), but the back of the house on the model still has the original cottage-style gable roof. That went away in the next iteration, along with our budget :-(

And here are some excerpts from the floorplan (click for larger, non-fuzzy versions):

The "orange" parts of the renderings will be stained Cedar siding. Here is a good idea what that will look like - from another of Ana's houses located nearby in Los Altos, CA.


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