Thursday, August 28, 2008

Made it to the Bottom!

Well, this is low as we are going with the deconstruction - subfloor being removed.

But the plan is to leave the floor framing (and add to it where we are extending the first floor). The floor joists and foundation look pretty awesome, actually.

The joists are old-school, full thickness Douglas Fir - many of them appear to be quartersawn - nice cuts of wood. For 70 years old, the bones look great. And they are hit with the girls.

The foundation also looks to be rock solid and impressively thick, so I think that should pass muster for structural stuff. Here's Rebecca searching for treasures under the floor, while Elizabeth supervises.

And, here' s our lastest conundrum - Rebecca's favorite climbing tree. It's a gnarly old Willow that's gone Dr. Seuss on us. There's actually a pair of them, but out of control and pretty much stunting the Japanese Maple and Cherry tree nearby. But, Rebecca really likes climbing it - and it does have a very cool horizontal branch for tree sitting. The tree also gives us a great deal of privacy, but it's quite a mess of specimen. So, the plan is to remove it, but that saddens Rebecca greatly. Seems like a no-win situation.


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