Friday, August 8, 2008

Moved out, Ready for Deconstruction & Demo

After a huge effort by Cathy, Ammah, and the girls - plus half the neighborhoood, we are moved into our new temporary quarters. In something of a karma rebate, we completely stumbled into the perfect rental house across the street from our project. We were about to sign the lease on a different place a few blocks away, but then saw neighbors across the street with a moving van.

Here's our rental house - it's going to work out great:
We talked the landlord (who turns out to be extremely nice) into renting the place to us. We started moving our boxes across the street that night, followed by the gypsy parade of furniture, stuffed animals, and appliances.

414 looks pretty sad right now, sitting deserted. Deconstruction was supposed to start this week, but we've had endless holdups with the Menlo Park - waiting for permit approval.

We are told "Monday", 11 August for the deconstruction to start. EDIT: ok, Monday 18August to start :-(. Really. For real.

Here is a small slideshow featuring what will soon be referred to as "the old house". It's really been a great house for us, well built, totally reliable, and cute. It will be sad to see it go, but we are excited to move on with the "upgrade":

Looks like we are ready!


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