Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nothing but Holes

It looks like all of the windows are finally out, and they are working on the front and side doors now. The top-nailed Oak flooring is starting to get ripped up. We are expecting that the flooring will get recycled - The Reuse People say they have a taker for it. Whoohoo! It would be a shame to see all that go into a ditch.

The trim is all coming off, as are the baseboards. These decon guys are pretty impressive - fast and reasonably neat, considering what's involved.

More pix:

We also had our first site meeting this morning. Drew, Fred, Libby, Ana, Cathy and I. It looks like we have a lot of decisions to make - cabinets, trim, window colors, roof colors, and tile, tile, tile.

Bruce, Cathy, Libby, Drew (Ana behind lens)

And, here's Cathy, double-checking her kitchen layout - in the driveway...


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