Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rear Gable, Chimney Disappear

A loud crashing and crunching sound was heard just before lunch - I wish I had caught a video of the rear gable wall coming down. I guess we knew it was going to come down, but I wasn't quite prepared for it. They then proceeded to bash the wall sheathing off on the left wall - that was a bit surprising as we are actually saving that wall. Well, what's left of it anyway.

There was also a guy with a jackhammer taking down the chimney as well. The poor guy spent the whole day at it and only made it as far as the firebox. That thing was put together stronger than you'd think. Did I mention it was pretty hot today? Backbreaking work this is...

Here's a short video of this backbreaking work:


There were actually 2 jackhammers going at once (I'm sure the neighbors were pleased) - the other guy was breaking up the front porch landing slab. That clearly put up a fight as well.

They did manage to save a lot of the brick sidewalk - I'm sure those will sell at the recycling place quickly. I didn't get to see how much, if any, of the front porch brick they were able to salvage. Judging by what you can see in the dumpster, I don't think there were any survivors.

The furnace wasn't so luckly. They were supposed to save it, but by the the way they were treating it, I'm not hopeful that it's still functional, which is a real shame because it was in good condition and worked great.

Some more pix:

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