Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rose Relocation

Since we moved in 13 years ago, one of the things visitors often commented on were the rose bushes in the front yard. Our (exceedingly rough) plans for the new front yard landscaping don't include roses. Neither does 10 months of construction traffic, extending the foundation in their general direction, nor having to build something of a rainwater retention basin to meet the City code for rainwater runoff.

So, the roses must go. There are 6 bushes total, 1 of which was always a bit of a runt. I relocated 3 of the best ones to the back yard, into 2 different planting beds. The other 3 got relocated to a barren planting bed in front of our rental house.

I've never moved roses before, so I have no idea if I did it correctly or not. Seeing as how I haven't managed to kill them in 13 years with my "green thumb", these have proven their hardiness. I think the ones in the back will survive. The ones over at the rental, not so much. The planting bed over there gets minimal sunlight - little direct and the rest only filtered through the surrounding trees. New home:

We'll see. I figure that if our landscaping plans change, and the roses don't all die, we might be able to move them once again back to 414 when we are done.

The front of 414 is looking more and more like a construction site now...

The unqualified rose mover guy:


Blogger anarqui said...

hey, that guy looks like a perfectly qualified and competent rose bush mover!
I could use some tips myself...

September 13, 2008 10:05 PM  

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