Wednesday, October 8, 2008


The framers have been at it for about 10 days now - exciting to see some good progress (yes, long time between posts...) They are working on the floor joist framing - no floor deck or walls yet. They are using some really nice, kiln dried, FSC-Certified lumber. Some of the nicest-looking framing lumber I've seen.

Mud sill along the living room wall foundation.

Same spot, only with joists installed:

New crawlspace opening:

Here are some slides of the progress, at least as of a few days ago:

You can also see in some of the later pictures that DMC winterized the site - adding some ground cloth and drain rock to keep the inevitable mud under control. Great idea really. Never seen that before.

The plumber has also spent the last few days doing the rough-in for the underfloor stuff. I'll have some more pix of that when I get a chance. I think we should see the floor deck go down next week - that will be cool as we will finally start to get a solid feel of the new spaces.


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