Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Subfloor Down

Whoo-fricken-hoo! It's finally starting to actually look like a real house again. The framers started putting down the subfloor on Monday, and finished it today. This front room is going to be very nice, much larger than we are used to - both because we added a few hundred square feet and because we are opening up what used to be 4 separate rooms.

This is a shot at where the living room will be:

This front corner will be the new dining room - similar to where it was originally, but about 7 feet further toward the front of the lot:

The sole plates and top plates for the walls have been laid out, so I suspect we will be seeing the outside walls go up tomorrow!

I love the framing part of building a house - it was always the most exciting to watch, and when I built houses with my dad, always the fun part to do. Every day there were big changes where you could start to visualize the eventual spaces for real.

Here's a short video, panning around the front of the house:



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