Saturday, November 29, 2008

The guys did a great job tarping for the long Thanksgiving Weekend. I think we're getting this Christo thing down much better now.



They finished framing the top of the stairwell, including the corner window opening. The window is a bit higher than I expected, but it makes sense given all of the constraints surrounding it (like the shed roof just below it). We won't be able to see the roof or street, but we'll have a nice view of the trees and sky when standing on the landing outside the master bedroom.

They also started framing the kitchen ribbon window. This wall has been left open up until now, which has made it really convenient to go in and out of the side of the house. I suspect that the bottom part of that wall will be built early next week. I'm pretty sure the framing hanging down from the top plate has the neighbors scratching their heads. It will make more sense when the bottom goes in. Right now it looks like we have a doorway between two sets of small windows.

The weather has been unpredictable this week, so they also did a lot of inside work, including building the wing-walls around the master shower, master vanity, and mudroom storage cubby area downstairs.

The majority of the custom-built Blomberg windows and doors should arrive next week, which will be very exciting. I believe they are also going to be measuring for the standing-seam metal roof as well. That will take a couple of weeks for fabrication, so maybe we'll have that on by Christmas.

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