Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas week

Here are some pictures of where we are at as of 20Dec2008.

We've got all the windows in except on clerestory in the kitchen - waiting for a sheetmetal sill pan for that one.

Side door into the mudroom is in - frosted glass, very nice.

Master bedroom deck door is in - also very nice.

The parapet has been built around the master bedroom deck and roof, though they are still struggling to get the drainage to work out - this turned out to be trickier than we thought.

We are going to have this style door lever on all the doors (sorry about the blue haze - most of our pictures are blue these days as we are still covered by 3 giant blue tarps):

Stairs have been framed, finally. See previous post here.

We're also looking at samples of the Cedar siding on both sides of the front door - trying to decide whether we want the 4" size (left) or 5" size (right):

Here's a video tour of the first floor:


Here's a video tour of the second floor:



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