Saturday, January 31, 2009

Blue Tarps are Gone!

The house finally got unwrapped on Friday - whoohoo! Hopefully the blue tarps are gone for good, but I've got a feeling they'll be back. The top flat roof is still not finished, and the parapet walls still need waterproofing. But it is really great to see the place more-or-less unveiled. It really is going to be pretty incredible - we are getting very excited.

Here's the back:

The siding guys have started to wrap the areas that get the cedar siding. The walls that are covered with Tyvek (or in this case ʞǝʌʎʇ) will get the wood, the other walls will be integral-color stucco.

Here's a start at the wall at Cathy's corner office (the strips are for spacing the siding off the wall):

Getting the blue tarps off finally let us play with the NanaWall - very nice. It opens surprisingly easily and looks great.

It's starting to look really nice - here's the front:

More pix:


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