Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cedar Siding, Stucco Prep

Just a quick post - the Cedar siding is going up pretty quickly and it's looking beautiful. Though, I should note that it's not presently stained - only the corner boards are the "final" color, the main field is still raw. That will all get finished once it's all in place and the rains stop.

At sundown:

The stucco guy came by today to get started, so hopefully we'll be seeing less and less of our plywood in the coming days/weeks.

The first things to go in are the foundation vents, then we'll probably see the paper and chicken wire go up:

Just added - more pix:

TED Footnote (sorry, can't help myself, this was an amazing TED moment):

The live performance by the Teresa CarreƱo Youth Orchestra conducted by the "best young conductor in the world" - Gustavo Dudamel just got posted at

All of this was made possible by a 30 year commitment by Jose Antonio Abreu to help lift at-risk kids in Caracas Venezuela up out of poverty through his "el Sistema" program. The peformance was beamed liave via satellite from Caracas to Long Beach where the TED audience stood slack-jawed for 18 minutes watching this unfold.

Here's the link (or click the pic).


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I love Gustavo Dudamel!

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