Saturday, February 14, 2009

Siding, Tile Mortarbeds, Wiring

We're back to rain and blue tarps, but the house is more or less watertight (the roof cluster*&%$ still continues. Grrr.)

The great news is that the Cedar siding is going up! They back-painted the boards last week to seal them, the final staining will happen once they are all nailed up.

The final color will look something like this, though we do expect a pretty wide variation in color due to the natural variation in Cedar grain:

The actual install is starting on the less visible, but largest, South side of the house. Here is how it looks when peeking under the blue tarp:

The painters are also working on what I believe are the parapet caps and eave vent strips:

The tile guys have also started. They have poured the mortarbeds for the laundry room and master bath.


Master Bath:

They poured the shower floor and added the waterproofing membrane. You can see that they've filled the shower pan with water as a leak-test. I suspect that the City will come out to inspect it early next week.

Ken, our electrician, appears to be about 90% complete on the electrical rough-in. He's got all of the ceiling cans, outlets, switchboxes, etc. wired and prepped.

We are still missing a few special ceiling cans (wall washer lights), and a few other small items, but I'd guess that he's nearly done. I think this means the insulation and sheetrock are next up.


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