Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blogging from Austria

I'm writing this sitting in a hotel in Graz, Austria. I'm on a business trip, ricocheting around the EU with some colleagues for about 9 days. Graz was a real treat and quite a surprise - a very beautiful old European city, coated with an unusual snow just for us this afternoon.

Interesting mix of old and new:

The "Mur" in the river at the center of Graz:

Afternoon snow from the hotel window:

Anyway, that's this week's distraction - last week on the house was pretty big as well - we finally got the HEAT turned on! It seems to work really well, the place was almost too hot.

They are trying to drive the moisture out of the concrete and the plaster, which continues. Here it is as of last weekend.

I know they've made progress this week, but of course I haven't seen it. Maybe Cathy can post some new pix as well...

And here's how the plasterers are doing the stairwell without breaking their necks:

We also got a second (and final) coat of stain on the Cedar - it's looking really nice:


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