Friday, March 20, 2009

Cathy's Guest Blog

As you can see from his latest post, Bruce is in Europe and it is my turn to give this blogging thing a try!

The Heat is on! The smoke that is coming out of the vent on the roof is from our fancy new boiler for our radiant heat. The house is finally toasty enough to dry out the sheetrock mud.

We had one or two walls that were a bit wonky, so they leveled them off with lots of extra mud.

Wanted to show Bruce the lovely job the sheetrockers are doing around the corners!

And the cabinet makers are installing the toekicks for the kitchen cabinetry. Don't they look happy!

Here is the beginning of our floating platform at the bottom of the stairs.

They are also finishing up the staining of our lovely siding. And we are so happy to see the smoke, that I wanted to show you again!

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