Friday, March 27, 2009

Doors, Floors (not quite)

I returned from Europe and was excited to see the progress on the house. Cabinet bases are installed and the infinitely long plastering job continues.

The place is a dusty, dusty mess - but this is the worst it's going to get. After the sanding is complete, things should get noticeably cleaner. Hopefully.

Master bath:

The tree shadows are going to be a very neat unexpected feature of the stairwell. They move during the day as the sun moves past the window.

The Teragren engineered bamboo flooring was delivered yesterday. There is a lot of it. This is the largest of the 3 piles.

I also saw that the tile for the master bath floor was delivered as well.

And some special-order light fixtures for the master closet also arrived:

Here's a shot of the fireplace mounting plate. The splotches on the walls are where the plasterers are fine tuning the low spots. They color the plaster with a little chalk so they know where they've touched up and need to sand again.

The real exciting news is that the carpenters are starting to hang all the doors. This is painstaking work, especially in the downstairs hallway as one of the (original) walls is pretty far out of plumb. They are going to have to do some fussing to get it to all look and work right.

The doors themselves are 7' tall (taller than normal) and 1-3/4 thick (thicker than normal) - and pretty massive. We went with different proportions for architectural reasons, and the extra thickness and mass should make the house quieter.

Here is the frosted glass door for the master bedroom (with protective plastic) - I'm guessing they will hang it next week:

The outside is stagnant - we are still waiting for the Sikkens stain to dry completely (2 weeks) before it can be masked for the stucco work. I think Fred is trying to get the first coat (scratch coat) on next week.


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