Saturday, April 4, 2009

Morfloor, Shower Start, Shopping

The first floor floor (is that redundant?) is finished. They got it all down on Friday. I think they will be back on Monday to start on the second floor floor.

Here's my mother inspecting the work:

It looks really, really beautiful - at least the parts that aren't covered up with rosin paper and masonite. It should be something when we finally get it all uncovered (probably not for months yet).

The tile guy also started doing the chicken wire and waterproofing in the master shower on Friday. I suspect he will be back to float the walls next week, maybe even starting to install the "Citron" Claymonde tile from Fireclay in San Jose.

We also are starting to think about furnishings - given our budget is straining, it may be milk crates for a while, but it doesn't cost anything to look right (right?).

Here we are at a new West Elm store in Emeryville today. They have a cool, modern sectional couch system where the backrests are removable, so you can arrange it anyway you want - even as a giant bed, separate "chairs", or a traditional couch. Pretty nifty idea really. We like the design a lot, but we're not convinced about the fabric choices just yet.

Here's Lizzy checking out the very cool chair at another store - EQ3 - across the street:

and Rebecca, testing another beautiful sofa at EQ3:

We are also starting to think about landscaping. We stumbled across this nice Cor-Ten landscaping detail nearby as well. Our landscape designer is thinking about incorporating some similar details in our front yard. We love the look of Cor-Ten, so we will be thrilled if we get to use it...someplace...before this project is over.


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