Saturday, May 30, 2009

Counters In, Stucco Done

The countertops went in according to schedule. The kitchen was uneventful, but the master bathroom vanity put up resistance.

Here's the Concreteworks delivery truck - all the tops are stood up on their strongest edges and clamped to the walls for transport:

Here's the CW crew heaving one of the sections into place:

The island is in two sections, one quite large, the other (far end) average size. The head installer said that the island came out really well - apparently large sections can warp quite a bit when they are curing. Apparently ours is flatter than usual, which makes the seam line up better and create less installation hassle.

Here is the entire kitchen - it looks really great. The "rice hull aggregate" goes beautifully with the Wenge cabinets and bamboo floors and gives the countertop a nice organic look.

The vanity with the custom sinks turned out to be a bit of an installation headache. We knew we were cutting some clearances pretty tight with the sinks fitting into the cabinets, so inevitably there was some cutting and grinding to get it to fit. It's none worse for the wear and looks awesome. There was a mixup on the backsplash - the sections weren't long enough so they are remaking them. Not a big deal since they aren't holding anything up.

The stucco guys finished the last of the exterior and finally took down the staging that's been up for about 2 months. We are very happy with the stucco - it's got the hard-edged modern look and the color is a perfect complement to the Cedar siding. We are getting tons of compliments on the house from neighbors and passers-by. I also heard that some unknown architect stopped by one day and was gushing about the design and material choices.

The last of the stucco:

Driveway side:

The painters are still at it. We've tweaked a few colors along the way. The exercise room was orange, but it was going on pretty dark. We lightened it a bit and love the new color (jack-o-lantern):

And here you can see the view from the exercise room into the master bedroom. Our bed will go in front of that brown wall, directly under that window:


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