Saturday, May 23, 2009

Doorhenge, Minty Green

The painters are working like mad and making good progress. We finalized all of our colors (well, nearly). So they are underway. The inside of the house looks like a haunted house, with all the plastic sheeting, tarps, and rosin paper everywhere:

They created an ephemeral spray booth out of the living room for painting all the first-floor doors - pretty brilliant:

Here's our "doorhenge" after the plastic came down:

Second floor doors were painted in the master bedroom:

The masking on the left door is over frosted glass. That's the door for the master bedroom, at the top of the stairs.

They also have a first coat on Lizzie's & Rebecca's rooms, as well as in the two downstairs bathrooms. Lizzie's room is a really nice "minty green" - it gives the effect of standing inside of a bowl of mint ice cream. Cathy offered to paint chocolate chips on the walls, but Lizzie declined.

The hall bath got the Pacific Reflections Caesarstone vanity top. Did I mention that color was discontinued too? Thankfully that piece didn't meet the same fate as the orange...

Speaking of that, we heard that they DID manage to locate a good slab of Tequila Sunrise to replace the smashed bits. So, we are back with Plan A for the kitchen bar top. Whoohoo!

The stucco guys were back on Friday and did the South and East walls on the first floor. They look great. Cathy is overjoyed with the finish and color. They should finish up the rest next week.

The front yard got cleaned up quite a bit, with a bit of rough grading:

And the porch is drying nicely:

So, we are about 6 weeks away, theoretically, from move-in. There is a list 5 miles long of all the things that need to get done and in the right order. Fred is on top of it, but it looks like it will be a crazy finish.

Final inspection should be the first week of July, the official completion date is July 10th. It was originally June 15th, but we lost about 1 month due to rain and the holidays. DMC told us July 10th back in January and it looks like they will hit it, unless something unexpected happens. There are still a few major things to happen, like the stair tread installation, stair railing, and balcony railing. Lots can still go wrong, but we are tracking the schedule pretty well.

The Teragren Bamboo plywood for the stairs and long landing finally arrived from Jupiter, or whereever it comes from:

So, we are starting to get serious about buying furniture. We are going to re-use a lot of what we have already, but need stuff for the living room and our bedroom mainly. We bought a bed last weekend (floor model deal at Jimyko in San Jose), and a new dining room table today (another smoking floor model deal at Design Within Reach (our favorite place to lose cash). Cathy found the DWR table on a Craigslist posting. We also bought some nice pendant lights for the kitchen bar from guy in SF. They are well-made and only cost us $12 each. Cathy's Craigs trolling has really paid off.

Here we are at a fantastic place called Limn in San Francisco - the place is very large, with a huge variety of stunning, creative, and shockingly expensive furniture. We didn't buy anything.

A very cool reading nook:

A light Cathy really likes:

A REALLY awesome, really comfortable lounge chair (Lofty from MDF Italia) that is cantilevered off a single point on the base.

Cathy had to drag me away. If the company name has the word "Italia" in it, hold onto your wallet and step away.

I think this was Rebecca's favorite piece:

And here was another mind-blowing, yet totally impractical, table. There are actually 6 "real" legs in there, and all the others can be pushed out of the way so you can get your legs under it. Sorta. But wow, it was stunning. We didn't bother asking the price.

Oh, and we had a pool party last week (temps were in the 90's), so here's a picture of the house from the backyard, but without the pool fence. It's looking awesome!


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