Sunday, June 21, 2009

Getting Lit

The concrete guys came back and poured the driveway approach and sidewalk on Friday. They did a nice job, though the concrete is curing with something of a Leopard-print look - hopefully that will go away in a while. I don't remember specifying animal-print concrete.

Ken came back and finished installing just about all the electrical fixtures - all except the ones we don't have yet. We are still trying to figure a few of our surface mount fixtures the dining room chandelier, girls rooms, etc.

The whole place is pretty well "hotted up" now - all the lights are blazing, which makes for some really great views at night - finally!

You can also see that I installed the street numbers and doorbell in the second-to-last picture above. I think we are gaining on it!

The flooring crew (different from the finish carpenters who did the stair treads) were back for a long day on Saturday to finish the stair landing. WOW! the whole thing is stunning. This is definitely one for (click it, it's safe ;-)

There is still a lot of plaster work to go, and the "reveal" edge under the tread ribbon isn't to our liking yet, but the woodwork is just great.

Speaking of woodworking, here is a shot of the finished Teak shower floor that Cathy and I made last weekend:

They took up a lot of the rosin paper on the floors on friday so we can start to see the finished product...that's the next post!


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