Tuesday, June 2, 2009

OK, that POPS

It looks like today was Popping Color Day a the house. Our Tequila Sunrise bartop installation started. They've got at least 1 more day at it. The good news is that the top is safely installed and glued down, so they can't drop it anymore.

They had to hoist this thing on and off at least 3 times that I saw in order to scribe and then grind it to fit precisely:

The grinding process was noisy and dusty, so they did the worst of it outside.

And here it is with the outer leg getting epoxied into place. They still have the right leg to go tomorrow:

So, that was the extreme color pop for the kitchen. Thankfully it is not "day glo" orange - that's one of the big reasons we wanted this particular Quartz - the other alternatives are painfully bright and don't have the depth that this flavor has. There are tiny brown specks in the surface which makes it a nice complement to the tops, cabinet, and floor. It's a brave choice, but not completely insane. It looks pretty awesome - just what we had hoped.

Down the hall a ways we got the second color pop of the day - the painters came by for a short time to get the first coat on the laundry room. Ow, my eyes!

Cathy is thrilled with it! It does look cool, but wow, THAT pops. Have I mentioned that we have a really nice pocket door on the laundry room?


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