Tuesday, July 7, 2009

** Final Inspection **

We Passed! The inspector from Menlo Park came by this afternoon and signed off our house as "ready to occupy"! So, we are technically complete as far as the city is concerned!

We popped a cork to celebrate!

Though Cathy thought better of christening the place, since that would involve a callback from the siding crew...good thought though...

The cleaning crew showed up today as well - this is sort of the industrial strength Merry Maids. They started on the outside today, the inside still has a way to go with plaster/paint/sanding, etc.

I wish I had a picture of the dude who walked through at 9am this morning wearing a tank on his back, holding some sort of sprayer...he looked like he was a lost extra from Ghostbusters...

The goal is still to move in on Friday, or at least over the weekend. We should have a better idea about that tomorrow as we'll finish our "punchlist walkthrough" where we generate a "to do list" of things to tweak before we can call it complete and/or move in.

With the place signed off, we are definitely in the home stretch of the project. We are truly thrilled with the end product - we love the design (thanks to Ana, Libby, & Eric) and the execution (Drew, Fred, and 1000 subcontractors).

That said, we are still not done, so stay tuned as we finish it up!


And, if you like, if you click this icon, you should be able to see a map showing the location of other folks who are following this blog - and there are quite a few that I know of - in fact, at some point I'd like to get a list just to see...

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