Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Flying Birds

Ken and Celestino came back today to work on a few loose ends.

Hanging Birds, Birds, Birds was the first job of the day. As Ken said afterwards, "well, that wasn't so bad, I was expecting a lot worse."

It went pretty quickly and very smoothly, no one fell off any ladders, no birds were harmed. And it looks GREAT - kooky, but great. People can't help but smile when they see it.

Location of flock by day:

and tonight (dimmed):

It actually throws a lot of light on full - I guess 24 bulbs will do that, though they are special low-voltage/low-wattage (20W?) ones so it's not overpowering.

I also promised a some shots of our new dining room set - it's starting to look like a Design Within Reach store in here - which, as Libby says, is a good thing. The table, chairs, and chandelier are all from DWR. We are on a first-name basis with more than one salesperson at more than one store (is that bad?)...we hear a sucking sound every time we walk in the door.

Closeup of Cellula, Swarovski crystals and all (they make a great sound when they jingle).

And a bonus shot of the family room, from the deck, at night. I need a better camera to capture the warm tones and low light, but you can probably get the idea.

- and yes, the gray deck is just a temporary measure until the deck guy gets around to building it. Oh, wait, that's me.

And, I just realized, most of the furniture in the family room (credenza, shelves, and coffee table (you can't see)) are also from DWR. Hmmm. I think we've identified a problem here...


A lot of readers have mentioned that they've enjoyed seeing who else is following the blog. I was using a simple "click tracking" service a few posts back, but that's only good for 24hrs and not terribly accurate (so I've heard).

I've had another one running for the whole site (this blog is a branch off that main trunk), so here's a more complete view of who's been to the site over the past year. This covers all IP addresses (not individual people, just a guess of your location based on the location of your internet provider):


Also, I'm trying an experiment using GoogleDocs - if you don't mind, please take this quick survey and I'll post the results later (or, you should be able to peek at them now...once you fill it out ;-) )

Let's see if all this technology works - you should see an embedded survey right down there ⇩


Blogger Alexandria said...

Sorry, I think I may have submitted the survey twice. I can't tell if it's gone through or not. The form just goes blank when I click submit.

I love the bird chandelier!

August 6, 2009 12:31 AM  

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