Monday, September 28, 2009

Cor-Ten Landscaping

Our Cor-Ten retaining walls showed up on Friday morning. AJ and the crew from Fable Inc. architectural fabricators didn't waste any time off-loading the ridiculously heavy sections.

They warmed-up with the longest and heaviest piece (14' x 2'). It made my back hurt just watching them carry it into place.

Here they are landing in on the concrete support footings, being careful not to drop it on anyone's toes:

Adjoining triangle going in:

It's not like these things are going anywhere, but they pinned them to the foundation with rebar and welded them into place.

The second-largest rectangle:

And after some early grading - this is before we created a berm in the corner:

The berm on the other side - very cool:

Keith (our landscape designer) calls this landcaping installation "Tectonic Shift" - which seems appropriate given our general location. This is really more of an art piece than any kind of traditional landscaping - as Keith told Cathy "this is not about "natural" landscaping - this is man-versus-nature, and Man has won!"

We really like the way it is coming out - it harmonizes with the architecture of the house really well. We knew is was going to be "cutting edge" (literally, given the steel walls), though I think it will end up being the most controversial aspect of our project. We think it will look pretty awesome when we get it all planted and softened with actual green-growies.

Cathy and my weekend was (once again) spent building decks and doing yard work. The side landing by mudroom is finally done (I'll post pix soon), as is the master balcony deck surface. The Ipe is screwed down using recessed stainless screws, then the screw head holes are plugged with small Ipe plugs. Cathy did most of the zen-like color-and-grain-matching, though we got the girls to help out on the 4 boards on the balcony.

I then had to chisel off the sticky-up plugs, and sand them down flush to the deck surface. The Ipe gives off his yellow/orange dust, so by the end of the day I looked like an Oompa-Loompa.


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