Sunday, September 20, 2009

Stepping Stones

The front landscaping is cranking along. We made a last minute change to the layout near the driveway, which involved saw-cutting out an old section, but it turned out to be the totally right thing to do. The forms for the stepping stones in the front and the driveway along the side of the house were finished on Thursday, and poured on Friday.

Form work:

putting in the 6" of base rock for the stepping stones:

Pouring the concrete, or more precisely, pumping it:

This is a different crew than the ones that poured the driveway apron (remember Mr. Owner with the cellphone?). In this case, the guy busting his hump with the concrete hose is the owner of the company, Brig Ord.

Screeding the fresh concrete:

Starting to finish it as it dries:

The formwork will get stripped off on Monday, leaving us something like 12 separate stones - we will be planting "low-growies" in between them (Lemon Thyme?):

The landscaping crew came back on Saturday to dig a bunch of the irrigation trenches and clean up the site. Next week should see yet another (final?) set of formwork and concrete for the Cor-Ten wall foundations. That should be less fussy work and will hopefully set us up for installation of the steel walls on Friday. That's the plan, anyway.

My weekend was busy as well. Saturday and part of Sunday was spent working on the master bedroom balcony deck again. I didn't get as far as I had planned (it has something to do with "measure twice, cut-once"), so that will continue next weekend too.

I did manage to get our 2 new floating nightstands (delivered by Jonathan on Thursday) installed, however, which look awesome.

Installing the wall cleat that holds the whole thing up:

Hanging in place:

The finished look:


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