Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Still More Concrete

The concrete guys came back to strip off the forms around the stepping stones on Monday.

They look really good:

We really like they way they are sticking up, but alas, we'll have to fill in the gaps or we'll have all sorts of twisted ankles.

We didn't see the landscapers for a couple of days...not sure what happened there, so today they were back digging like mad to make the trenches (no forms this time) for the steel footings. I wasn't here when they poured the concrete, but Cathy says it was a bit of a circus for a while.

We now have a goodly amount of fresh concrete sitting in the front yard, which means only one thing:

Here's Elizabeth cleaning the concrete off her hand:

...and autographing her work...

Rebecca got home in time to add her paw print to the concrete. Of course, all of this will get covered up tomorrow or Friday with the steel, but hey, we know it's there...

One of my side projects this week was to install the old "milk box" door near the mudroom entrance. Here's the fixturing system (borrowed from the tiling guys) to hold it in place while the glue dried.


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