Monday, October 5, 2009

Showcase Tour

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Finally, two days in a row that I didn't have to pick up a drill! Yeah! I've been working nights and weekends for forever it seems. But wow, the house looks fantastic. We had it ready for the "Greenpoint Showcase" on Sunday. We didn't do a prefect job counting visitors, but we think it was somewhere between 160 and 200 folks that came through.

We received lots and lots of great feeback and kudos! One visitor from Los Gatos already posted some thoughts on his Greenpoint house tour on HIS blog, here. Check it out - he's got an insane/very cool two-story Eichler-esque project going.

Things were so busy that I didn't have any time to take any good pix during the busy part of the tour, but I'm hoping to get some from Ana & Libby.

But here's a couple that I took early in the day. Here are Drew (our builder, on the left), Ana (lead architect), and Keith (landscape architect, right). All the stuff on the counter are project information sheets, business cards, etc. in preparation for the visitors.

Here is Cathy and the girls chatting with Libby (the other half of our architect team):

And Keith and his crew did manage to pull off the entire landscaping job - and it is really great. They completely constructed the front yard, and then tarted up the whole place, including updated low-water irrigation in the back, new plants, fire ring, and the "zen garden" outside of Rebecca's window. I don't have a good picture of that yet, but that whole narrow side yard is now a very inviting space.

Cathy and I have been eyeing yet-one-more-thing at DWR (where else?) - this fantastic "Bordato" planter. It's a VERY large copy of the classic clay pot, but done in translucent white plastic and lit from inside with a CFL. Keith and Cathy ran off on Thursday to get a giant plant for it, and came back with this ginormous Bird-of-Paradise from Roger Reynolds Nursery.

By day, just plain cool:

And by night, WOW. It is like a lighthouse for our street now. So much so that I think I'll have to try to install a lower-wattage bulb at some point.

Though it is sold by DWR, it is actually part of the "Vas" series by Luisa Bocchietto for Serralunga.

Oh, and we did manage to get Cathy's new desk installed on Saturday. The actual installation turned out to be pretty straightforward, which was good. Most of the pain happened previously. It is a great space, and we all really like the eye-popping orange color.

And, since we still don't have any living room furniture of our own, Ana brought over (well, with Keith's help) all of HER mid-century modern furniture (also from DWR, I might add), including an Eames lounge, Corbusier chair, and Eileen Gray table, plus her couch and rug. We relocated our Rotor (from DWR, groan) coffee table from the family room for the day.

Here are the girls, checking out _actual furniture_ in the living room. We already don't want give it up - the space is VERY comfortable and cozy, especially with the fireplace going. We turned on the fireplace during the tour (stinking the place up, I might add), but it got rave reviews and threw an amazing amount of heat.

You can also see some flowers that Drew and Sandy brought over to liven the place up inside - a very nice touch! Thanks to them for doing that!

Ana also loaned us some really fun chairs for the master bedroom balcony. I'll have to get a picture of those as well, before she takes them back.


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