Skills Summary – Bruce Schena

  • Mechanical design & engineering
  • Electronic design & engineering
  • High, medium, & low-volume product design processes
  • High, medium, & low-volume product manufacturing processes
  • High, medium, & low-volume production line start-up, vendor qualification, IQC start-up
  • Comprehensive knowledge of state-of-the-art sensing, actuation (motor), and power amplifier technologies
  • Fluent with software, firmware, servo control, robot control, optoelectronics, and metrology
  • Highly experienced in sourcing key components, materials, and vendors (domestic, Europe, Asia)
  • Highly experienced in advanced R&D (products, core technologies)
  • Design of medical/surgical products for FDA & UL compliance
  • Design of high volume consumer products for FCC/CE compliance
  • Technical project & team management
  • ASIC functional specification & design process management
  • Patent development, prosecution, & defense
  • Skilled machinist (conventional & CNC), woodworker, welder, rapid prototyping, modelmaking
  • Industrial design/product aesthetics
  • Applications & Tools:

CAD Solidworks (’97Beta thru 2006), AutoCAD (R2.7 through R14), Ashlar Vellum, HP ME10/30 (circa 1993), Pro-E (circa 1989), Aries ConceptStation (circa 1987), CADAM (circa 1982)
CAM CamWorks, Surfcam, Virtual Gibbs, MasterCAM, native G-code
FEA (statics, dynamics, thermal) CosmosWorks, CosmosMotion, Cosmos/M, Working Model, NASTRAN 4D (some), Algor
FEA (magnetostatics) Magneto (2D), Amperes (3D), CosmosEMS (3D), Spead (voicecoils), FEMM
Electrical Engineering Orcad, Eagle, Electronics Workbench Pro
Programming Languages Visual Basic, VBA, C, Forth, Motorola 68HC11 assembly, Basic, Fortran, AutoIt scripting
Technical/Analytical Software Matlab, MathCAD
Productivity Software All common desktop applications & utilities
Prototyping Haas VF-2 CNC machining center, Matsuura CNC machining center, Stratasys FDM, pretty much every metalworking and woodworking tool known to man, have a very well equipped machine shop in garage including a Bridgeport mill, Hardinge HLV-H toolroom lathe, metal/wood bandsaw, 220VAC/3-phase rotary phase converter, and extensive mill/lathe tooling


  • Corporate-level technology strategy (products & core technologies)
  • “Inbound” technology partnerships (actuators, sensors, ASIC design, foundry services, independent inventors)
  • Experienced in managing R&D-to-Product transitions
  • Sponsored (Federally-funded) research strategy, proposals, & execution (e.g. SBIR, STTR, NIST ATP)
  • Strategic management of extensive corporate intellectual property (IP) portfolio 


  • Member of Board of Directors (Public & Private)
  • Chief Technical Officer (Public & Private)
  • Executive-level (VP) corporate governance
  • Entrepreneurship – strategy, finance, fundraising, business plan
  • Experience with “Product”, “IP licensing”, and “Fabless Semiconductor” business models
  • Initial Public Offering – S1 preparation, review, sign-off, roadshow participant
  • Public relations – top-tier press interviews & relationship development – sole Corporate Spokesperson responsibility
  • Analyst relations – top-tier market analyst relationship development
  • Legal (inbound) – partnership agreements, pricing agreements, cooperative development agreements
  • Legal (outbound) – tactical management of extensive intellectual property (IP) portfolio
  • Project proposals & presentations
  • Investment bank/private investor relations
  • Engineering, R&D Group Management
  • Corporate acquisition integration