Saturday, September 13, 2008

Visible progress

The foundation crew continues - making visible progress this week. Fred (our project manager) tells us that we might see some concrete poured next week, which would be very exciting. The poor guys are still excavating under the existing footings. As Fred says "mining, with a teaspoon".

But wow, this is hard work - notice the floor, and foundation in the picture below. And then notice the brown hat of the guy UNDER the foundation. With a chipping hammer (jackhammer spade). The guy is in a hole, under the concrete foundation, digging.

Here's another shot of the same guy, same hole. You can find the hat.

Short video of jackhammering:


Celestino, who works for Drew, started opening the existing foundation vents. Since we are officially in a floodplain, our foundation has to allow water to "flow" through it. A giant flood here, if all the retention systems fail over at San Francisquito creek (like 5 blocks away), is ankle deep water. So, practically speaking, it's not a concern, but the city (really FEMA) requires certain special building features, this being the main one. It also means that we couldn't put in a basement.

They also had to bring in a giant jackhammer to finish busting up the fireplace foundation. Fred tells us that "We've never seen anything like it - it is unbelievably solid. This place is not a typical tract home, it's build incredibly well. I think a builder must have made it for himself."

Here are some more foundation/excavation shots:


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