Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Underfloor Plumbing

The plumbers were here for about 1 week, roughing in the under-floor stuff. There was a fair bit of it, so this is a way better time to do that rather than waiting until the subfloor is down and having to crawl.

These guys were pretty cool, and did a nice job - neatly routed and very clean job especially considering they had to work around old framing and existing lines.

Here's a shot of the more complicated part - where the mechanical closet will be with the boiler, domestic hot water tank, and radiant heat zone valves:

This is where the small bar sink will go next to the espresso machine:

And the framers also got a start on taking down the old raked ceiling over the old master bath that we are trying to save.

The framers have also been going at a nice clip and have started to put down the subfloor. That'll be the next post.
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