Monday, November 17, 2008

So Cool!

Andy and the crew had the massive parallam (wood beam) up onto the steel truss by about 8:15 this morning. Andy says "gets the blood flowing, first thing!"

They then spent the day putting in the rafters over the living room, building the clerestory wall, and bolting planks to the weld studs on the faces of the steel truss so they can nail to them later.

Here's one of the crew walking the top of the truss:

The big rectangular cutout is for a 4-pane clerestory window, facing south.

At long last we are able to feel what the great room/living room space is going to be like - and it is going to be VERY cool! The living room is a really nice size, with a "low" (if 8'6" is low) ceiling making it "intimate". We can also finally see what the "levitating corner" of the ceiling is going to be like - and it is awesome. The visual sensation is very unusual - an entire ceiling plane just ending in thin air. The effect is really amazing when standing in the living room and looking toward the corner.

Cathy and I have had a pretty good feeling for what this was going to look like (from the computer models), but it's even better in real life.

The intersection of the ceiling planes and walls around the stairwell is still baffling to most vistors - the framing isn't entirely obvious. But I think that's going to be stunning as well.

I'm guessing that we'll see some of that come together later this week.


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