Monday, January 12, 2009

PEX, Gutters, & Metal Roof

Framing is complete, finally, as is all the rough plumbing. The idea is to get the roof on, get watertight, then start the electrical rough-in.

We've got 70° weather here this week, ideal for putting the real roof on this thing. We got gutters installed this morning and the metal roofing material is in the driveway, we are guessing they will start putting that on the two shed roofs Tuesday morning. No word on the membrane roofing for the flat roofs.

The Warm Floors people also started this morning. They have already run a few of the PEX supply lines for the floor heating zones.

Here's the PEX - it's the thin plastic tubing that will get embedded in a thin (~1.5") layer of "lightweight concrete" on the floors:

The house will be heated with "hydronic" radiant floor heating. It is supposed to be awesome for keeping spaces nicely heated - the floors should stay about 82°, and the concrete will help smooth out the variations in temperature and time. There's a main condensing boiler in the mechanical closet that heats the water for both the floor heat and the domestic hot water.

Here's where the small refinery will end up. Actually the boiler is pretty small, and mounts to the wall, but there are 8 separate zones in the house (surprisingly) so there will be a bunch of circulation pumps and control valving in there.

In preparation for the gypcrete and PEX, the contractors laid out "keep out zones" for the PEX floor tubing. The tubes will be stapled down in a serpentine pattern and then gypcrete poured over them.

Here you can see the outline of the cabinet bases and island for the kitchen:

The framers also cut the hole and added the blocking for the wall-mounted gas fireplace (will look like a plasma TV on the wall) in the living room. The black plate is the part that bolts to the wall, then the fireplace hangs on the hooks and ties into the gas.


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