Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Wow. Crazy week. I've been taking 5 days of vacation to work on the house. Both Cathy and I are just fried. We've been working 12-15 hour days packing, moving, unpacking, installing, wiring, cleaning, sorting...

To Drew & Fred's credit, we got the go-ahead to start moving in our stuff at 5:30 on Friday afternoon - right on the schedule that they gave us back in January. Very impressive!

There was stuff going on right up until the "end", and there continue to be painters and the assorted subs running around even this week, but we did the major move on Saturday, sleeping in the house for the first time on Saturday night!

The professional house cleaners did a nice job, and Adrian and his guys were here on Friday afternoon finishing up the stair railing detailing. I haven't had a chance to get some good pictures of the final product, but they nailed it. It, like the rest of the house, is spectacular.

Cleaning the considerable dust off the tops of the cabinets.

The "ghostbuster" was back - it turns out that the tank he is wearing is a nifty portable vacuum cleaner - here he is cleaning the sawdust out of the undie drawers in the master bedroom.

And here is Cathy, moving in the FIRST two boxes. They happened to be the liquor boxes...which is probably a good omen as we designed the house to be great for entertaining.

We were all working so hard on Saturday no one got many pictures of the moving party. It was great - we had tons of help and lots of kids running around, and the place didn't seem small at all. The bar worked out great - we set out food to eat and people just walked by and grazed all afternoon.

Here are Mark and Jake moving in Lizzy's bed (the girls have decided to take separate rooms after being roomates for, well, as long as Lizzy has been around - 8 years).

And here are the girls moving Scooter and Madam Cheesy-Cheesepuff (the girl's pet rats) across the street:

And here is our pile-o-mattress making the same trip:

It was nice to only have to walk the 300 or so feet from one place to the other. This whole process would have been much more stressful and a total drag if we were living in an apartment or RV (we came to our senses, thankfully).

I'll post some more pix of the (unfinished) finished house soon. Our bedroom is just awesome - though we don't have any kind of window blinds yet so it's like high-noon in there are 6:20am. But, the view is great - we can see blue sky & treetops when we wake up.

Here we are at about 6pm on Saturday (sweaty, and knee pads and all), popping the cork on our "move-in" bottle of bubbly. Yeah!

And the sky was awesome that night, a very nice backdrop at sunset:

And today, Celestino was loading out the final DMC bits, including their giant job-box and their sign. Fred says that the construction toilet will be gone tomorrow - that's the first thing to show up and the last thing to leave!


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